The Old Ones built wonders…

…but they are ruins now.

No one knows how long ago the catastrophe that ended the civilization of the Old Ones might have been. At the very least, it was many centuries in the past, since the end of the Old World predates any modern system of writing or the oral histories of the Folk. Their ruins and relics are scattered across the wilderness, a popular destination for scavengers and adventurers but avoided by the common Folk for their cursed and monster-haunted reputation.

The most populous portion of the known world is called the Salient, a jutting spur of forests and mountains that abuts onto the Great Western Ocean. Though the Salient is rainy much of the year, it has mild temperatures and bountiful game. The summers are warm and the winters cold, but it rarely snows save at the peaks of the mountains. It would be a very pleasant place for the Folk to live—were it not for the machines.

Perhaps the greatest legacy of the Old Ones, the machine-beasts—sometimes known as the machina—are the Salient’s apex predators. Ranging from the size of a raccoon to larger than a house, machine-beasts roam the land in inscrutable patterns. These machines are essentially a form of life: feeding on plants and sunlight to survive, replicating themselves to replenish their numbers, and reacting like animals to intruders by either fighting or fleeing. Many types of machina travel in herds, preyed on by other kinds of machines—there are even machina scavengers who render “dead” machines into their component parts to be taken back to wherever the machines come from and be recycled into new machines.

The machina are a constant threat to the Folk. Though they seem unwilling to enter highly populated areas normally, their migrations can sometimes take them into such regions, where they can cause havoc. Additionally, many of the predatory machines seem unable—or unwilling—to distinguish between their usual prey and the Folk. Because of this, most settlements are walled or otherwise in defensible locations.

You are an adventurer—a machina hunter, a code whisperer, a mind walker, or just someone with the courage to brave the machine-haunted wilderness. The world is dangerous, but so are you. Are you brave enough to seek the secrets behind the disappearance of the Old Ones? To face the Iron Gods?

Then Enter…

Iron Gods

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